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When you buy a new thing, there is a big chance our team was behind the great parts of your shopping experience.


We help Clients from the moment they have a vision of a new product, when they analyze its market chances, design the packaging and then ship it to you, the consumer. In the world of rapidly changing concepts of retail and sales in general, we have to be three steps ahead of the markets. It is a dream job for people who want to be close to the market changes – from design to supply chain. We are gathered around similar mindset: we are logical and think clear, we learn on the go and never skip a chance to gain new skills, we embrace new people in the team as partners from day 1. We serve clients across multiple countries – hence travel a lot and experience a variety of business cultures and ways of working.

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To Do

  • Help to shape digital strategy for my Client, improve and digitize processes,
  • then train his team in the use of SAP that I just helped to implement (what an upgrade from their previous ERP!),
  • watch the dashboards light up when the new sales campaign goes online.

In your new job, you will become an industry expert that helps Clients to modernize and grow their businesses. From automotive to pharma, your industry experience combined with our tools will let them reach new levels. You will help them with R&D. Or develop a state-of-art ERP solution to improve the supply chain efficiency. Or design and implement an omnichannel strategy. Possibilities are endless – with our product focus we are at the forefront of the most advanced transformative projects.

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Let’s improve
the world

Everything we do improves the world for you and the people you hold dear.

  • I can do it without technical expertise, we focus on processes and change management, our colleagues from other Accenture teams will provide us with technical SAP skills.

is a
choice for

you when:

  • you are good with understanding new business processes. You see how they potentially turn into threats and opportunities for our Clients,
  • you have an analytical mind and understand how to apply it to draw business relevant conclusions,
  • you have consulting experience or want to shape your career in this direction,
  • you’ve were a key expert in projects that dealt with SAP, Salesforce (Veeva), BA (Qlik, Tableau) or maybe you have experience in Life Sciences (Clinical Trials, Business Analysis), CG&S (Digital Marketing - product management) or Automotive (Sales processes consulting/coaching/marketing),
  • you are open minded and enjoy working in multinational and environment,
  • you are eager to learn about future business concepts and technologies and ways to monetize them.

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