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Supply chain & Operations

Companies thrive or fight for survival based on the quality of their supply chains


With the next Industrial Revolution just around the corner, Accenture experts redesign the way organisations operate in the market. We help our Clients to be smarter in the way they work because the future will belong to the companies with the most innovative approach and streamlined operations. We are gathered around similar mindset: we are logical and think clear, we learn on the go and never skip a chance to gain new skills, we embrace new people in the team as partners from day 1. We serve clients across multiple countries – hence travel a lot and experience a variety of business cultures and ways of working.

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To Do

  • streamline the purchasing system so the Client doesn’t have to operate paper purchase orders anymore,
  • launch a new robot-operated system to shorten picking time in warehouse,
  • use machine learning to help delivery drivers arrive at their destination faster.

In your new job, you will become an industry expert that helps Clients to modernize their supply chains and operations. You can work on purchasing systems. Or show them how to adopt the zero-based mindset. Or how to automate their factories or warehouses. Possibilities are endless – with our supply chain and operations focus we are at the forefront of the most advanced transformative projects.

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Let’s improve
the world

Everything we do improves the world for you and the people you hold dear.

  • Invent a process to deliver a new tablet within 1 hour from the moment the client clicked “Buy”.

Supply Chain
& Operations
is a
choice for

you when:

  • you are good with understanding how modern supply chains work. You see the pitfalls and opportunities for our Clients,
  • you have an analytical mind and understand how to apply it to draw business relevant conclusions,
  • you have consulting experience or want to shape your career in this direction,
  • when we say Kinaxis Rapid Response, JDA, WMS, JDA ESP, SAP APO, E2Open, you have enough Supply Chain experience to know what we are talking about!
  • or you have Sourcing & Procurement experience with skills in some of these: Ivalua, Ariba, Coupa, Zero-based budgeting (ZBB), Cost Optimization, Cost Control and Monitoring, Direct Materials Sourcing,

Let’s join forces! Apply today!


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