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Technology Advisory

Technology Advisory is the beating heart of New IT.


We are one of the newest teams in Accenture, attracting talented people from within and outside. It is a dream job for people who want to be close to the newest technologies before they are even named. Disruptive Technologies like AI, IOT and Clouds, building Digital Architectures, taking care of Cyber Security and all those in a very Agile way – this is our everyday. We are gathered around similar mindset: we are logical and think clear, we learn on the go and never skip a chance to gain new skills. We serve clients across multiple countries – hence travel a lot and experience a variety of business cultures and ways of working.

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To Do

  • choose from many clouds solutions the ones that will work for my Client and fit the legal regulations,
  • then protect his power plants from cyber threats,
  • improve their efficiency getting insights from data

In your new job, you will become a super technology expert who helps Clients to navigate in the world of many IT choices. You will help them build the most suiting Digital Architecture. Or stop them from choosing the wrong one. Either you will introduce them to new solutions which enhance human performance in the workplace and train them to be agile and innovation oriented. You might also help teams to get better at working in an AI-filled environment. Possibilities are endless – with our technology focus we are at the forefront of the most advanced transformative projects.

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Let’s improve
the world

Everything we do improves the world for you and the people you hold dear.

  • Make sure their business is running safe and sound 24/7.

is a
choice for

you when:

  • you are good with new technologies and disruptive innovations. You see how they potentially turn into threats and opportunities for our Clients,
  • you have an analytical mind and understand how to apply it to draw business relevant conclusions,
  • you have consulting experience or want to shape your career in this direction, you enjoy face2face engagements,
  • you were a key expert in projects that included all or some of the tools and ways: Blockchain, AI/RPA, SAP s/4 HANA, DevOps, Security, GDPR, Machine Learning, Cloud Advisory, Digital Architecture, Agile IT Workforce Transformation and others,
  • you are open minded and enjoy working in multinational and dynamic environment,
  • you are eager to learn about future business concepts and technologies and ways to monetize them.

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